With millions of monthly active users, growing your business through Instagram remains highly viable. This is true thanks to the help of Instagram ads. By adding this powerful tool into the equation, you’ll be able to tap into audiences and gain the brand awareness you’ve been missing.

Thanks to extensive targeting options and tools, adding Instagram advertising to your existing social media efforts can be rather easy. You can easily do so with your already existing posts, as well as Stories you’re yet to publish. Simply put, you’ll have endless means to continue promoting your ads to various Instagram feeds.

The best part about Instagram ads is that they look just like regular Instagram posts—with the exception of a “sponsored” label tag. Your ads will also be given a call-to-action button, further prompting users into visiting your profile for traffic and conversions.

The question now stands—how do you create solid Instagram ads? We’ve gathered all the best tips for you:

1 – Invest in visuals that blend well with the rest of Instagram

Although the goal of advertising is to help businesses stand out from the sea of noise, you’ll want to be strategic in the realm of Instagram. As a visual platform, investing in high-quality graphics is a given. However, make sure to proceed with caution. You’ll want to put out images that only subtly look like ads.

When someone scrolls through their timeline, you’ll want them to do a double-take—not quickly scroll past your ads. People likely don’t want to be bothered by what you want to show, so make sure to curate less jarring and more organic experiences. Make sure that your visual content is original—so stay away from stock photos!

2 – Optimise your captions

When it comes to creating the best advertising campaigns, you want to strike a perfect balance between informative and sales-oriented content. With Instagram ads, this means creating not only visually pleasing images but well-written captions.

You’ll want your copy to match the images you’ve published, which provides your audiences with enough information about what your business has to offer. More importantly, though, you want everything to resonate with your audiences. In more ways than one, this means highly optimised captions.

3 – Make use of hashtags

Hashtags may seem irrelevant in other social media platforms, but they remain valuable tools on Instagram. Adding hashtags to your posts not only helps your ads come up on your target audience’s feeds but read a wider yet relevant market as well.

The use of hashtags, however, must be carefully planned. You’ll want to engage in thorough research first, ensuring that you make use of popular yet relevant hashtags to your service or industry.

The Bottom Line

You may be eager to get started on your Instagram campaigns, especially if you wish to build a bigger following and reach more audiences. As a business entity, you’ll want to monetize all your efforts. For this reason, you need to invest in a system that will keep your campaigns running—long enough to grant you sustainable growth.

When it comes to Instagram ads, you want to keep everything organic. Invest in compelling visuals, optimise your captions, and make use of hashtags—it all comes down to detail.

For the high-quality Instagram advertising solutions, Lethal is the team to call. We believe in the power of strategy, particularly when it comes to lead generation and conversion. As a results-driven company, our goal is to help you reach your maximum potential as an online business. Reach out to us today.