Minimalist design is the new in-thing in just about everything that emanates from design.

From houses, to fashion all the way to being an entire lifestyle and movement, minimalism definitely has an intense impact on the way the world is today.

But why do people love it so much? The answer is simple—it’s because of the notion that less is more, which entails that a less cluttered space or design speaks to the human soul in another way.

When it comes to the internet and web design, the same principles apply. Many websites are going the route of sticking to one colour or one primary colour and a few accents to give the page character, as well as removing any unnecessary elements and replacing them with fully functional ones. Websites full of unnecessary visual noise are not pleasing, as they remove focus points and create mental discomfort.

With a good plan of action and a purpose in mind, your minimalist website can be an attention grabber.

Here are a few guidelines for creating a clean and well-managed website:

Have a Basic Wireframe

Think of the wireframe as a canvas that the basic elements of websites are painted onto. This creates a visual structure that shows where components and necessary elements will be placed.

Wireframes can be done on your devices using high-quality software for proper envisioning. Sometimes just a drawing on a piece of paper or whiteboard will suffice. Having a physical manifestation of an idea through a drawing or diagram will make it easier to communicate what your ideas are to clients or teams working on website ergonomics with you.

Wireframing is a useful tactic in designing websites because the ideas in your head are bound to get lost while you jump from one task to another.

Keep Content at a Minimum

As mentioned above, designing a minimalist webpage entails removing elements that can be obtrusive to those viewing your site. The best way to use web design in a minimalist setting is to use a straightforward layout. This means that clicks on tabs take people directly where they want to go, eliminating steps they need to take to reach their goals. An example is reducing the number of categories shoppers have to take a look into in order to find something they want to buy from your site.

Additionally, choosing the right text fonts and sizes makes an impact. The image to text ratio should be at a balance, as too many images will clutter the site, while text blocks may bore the ones reading the details. Choosing appropriate text fonts is important as they accent and complement your website’s design. Some of these fonts may clash with certain designs and colours, while others will just look like they are naturally meant to be used on your webpage.

Put Importance on Your Site’s Focal Point

There is always something that people see and are attracted to whenever they first open a page or see an advertisement. This is because there is a certain focus placed on a centrepiece that aims to catch people’s attention. This item may be an image or logo, or even a body of text, with the rest of the website supplementing it.


Minimalist web design is the new trend for many businesses emerging today. The concept of minimalism and its principles have truly found its way into all aspects of life. In a world cluttered with items and ideas in every corner, a minimalistic approach is welcoming and well-received online.

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