The importance of branding in eCommerce websites is often underestimated. A strong brand can help you to charge premium prices, differentiate your products and services, and build customer loyalty. In the age of online shopping, a well-executed branding strategy can be the key to success.

It is more crucial than ever to set your company apart from rivals in an era where more consumers use eCommerce.

Due to firms’ increased focus on consideration, conversion, and data-driven activities, eCommerce has become synonymous with performance marketing.

While that could be fantastic in the short term, as advertisers strive to squeeze every last dollar out of a limited user base, growth will ultimately plateau.

In the past, brand awareness initiatives aimed to boost brand equity, keep or improve top-of-mind (TOM), and encourage customers to purchase a company’s goods in person. So why isn’t eCommerce taken into account in the same way?

eCommerce As Part of A Funnel Marketing Strategy

Moreover, eCommerce should be included in full-funnel marketing strategies to be successful. Additionally, eCommerce growth will eventually stagnate if performance is the only thing you pay attention to. 

However, integrating upper-funnel brand awareness initiatives with mid-to-lower performance marketing widens the funnel to generate more sales. Regional eCommerce platforms have already recognised this. 

For example, Namshi, Net-a-Porter, The Outnet, Noon, and Amazon already use traditional media, such as television and out-of-home (OOH), to grow their businesses and customer bases.

How to Build Branding For Your eCommerce

Here are our best recommendations for increasing your business’s online brand recognition:

Review both to determine how you may develop or modify your brand and campaign message for eCommerce.

Examine your eCommerce web design in Perth for its inventiveness and content. The way it looks, sounds, and feels should be consistent with your brand. Your online store must adhere to brand guidelines, as must all your touchpoints.

Include your eCommerce URLs, app name, and associated information in your creative and video content to assist buyers in remembering it. 

Have the voiceover (VO) announce that you are now online if you are running a television advertisement, or include a call to action encouraging viewers to visit your website or download your app. 

Consider the media platforms that support these actions, such as online video or smart TV advertisements catering to OTT streaming users.

Plan your brand awareness campaigns for the marketplace. Online shopping platforms like Jumia, Noon, and Amazon offer visibility and significant calendar events to increase awareness. 

Don’t rely solely on pricing and discounts because doing so might harm your brand equity in the long run. 

Instead, promote your best-selling items and newest product launches to encourage growth. Amazon also allows some non-endemic businesses (those that don’t sell on Amazon) to run adverts on its network to target specific clients and send them to your website.


Extend your digital brand awareness initiatives to direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce to acquire and retarget clients as they go through the customer journey. This requires changing the brand message from your most recent eCommerce campaign.

Depending on your industry, you may use various metrics to assess eCommerce effectiveness outside return on ad spend (ROAS), including a rise in market share (SOM), brand uplift, and indicators of future purchase intent.

Apple is a great example of a business that continually prioritises branding while maintaining a similar level of customer service and pricing across all channels. 

By enhancing its brand and treating online buying as an equal channel to in-store purchasing, it continues to build demand without compromising.

eCommerce brand equity development is a competitive advantage that will eventually result in improved sales, increased revenues, and decreased costs.

It’s time for eCommerce firms to compete for the top place.


Branding is important in eCommerce website design. A strong brand can help differentiate your business from the competition, build customer loyalty, and increase profits. There are numerous considerations when opening an online business, but your main priority should be making sure your branding is powerful.

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